waste collection office/support for the BDO system:  86 217 06 17

owner:  660 733 521

manager/logistics:  789 390 267

sale/purchase of secondary raw materials:  508 585 666

Service of the waste management system - BDO

We offer our clients comprehensive support for the BDO system - a database that streamlines the waste management system. We provide comprehensive assistance in operating the BDO system, including: registration of entities in BDO, preparation of orders for waste collection, handling KPO statuses (waste transfer notes), entering KPO into the records, keeping records of waste, packaging and bags, and preparing reports.

The range of services tailored to individual needs

We guarantee our clients a range of BDO services tailored to individual needs. We provide support for the waste management system in full or selected aspect. We also keep track of all changes in the BDO regulations in order to be able to inform you about changes in the law that are important from the perspective of your business and to implement the necessary updates in the system.