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Modern technologies

In 2021, the EKO WIMA company undertook intensive activities to implement modern technologies aimed at entering the market of waste disposal companies using pyrolysis technology and the market of companies developing modern IT technologies supporting distribution control and waste collection processes in large areas.



PYROLYSIS technology

pyrolisis technology

PYROLYSIS technology is currently one of the most modern methods of waste disposal consisting of plastics.
The EKO WIMA company plans to build its own pyrolysis installation, which will significantly expand the commercial offer and significantly increase the company's revenues.


Modern system for the location and tracking waste



The EKO WIMA company also develops, in cooperation with scientists and IT specialists, a very modern system for the location and tracking of plastic waste.

The technology called GLOBAL GARBAGE SYSTEM (GGS) is based on a very modern IT solution in the field of virtual modeling, i.e. "INFRA VR3D" IT PALTFORMS.


Robotization of the waste collection process

modern system

The third research and development project concerns work on robotization of the waste collection process. The EKO WIMA company is currently working on technologies for building utility robots for transporting and compacting collected plastic waste. Research and development works also concern autonomous robots that will collect and compact municipal waste.

Developed and tested modern technologies are a very important element of the development of EKO WIMA, because only keeping up with global technological progress and expanding the commercial offer is the basis for stable development and maintaining a competitive advantage.