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sale/purchase of secondary raw materials:  508 585 666

Waste management - we offer comprehensive packaging waste management services.

We specialize in waste management. We provide recycling services to suppliers and recipients of waste. We collect all kinds of packaging waste useful for recycling. We sell a wide range of secondary raw materials prepared for recycling, such as PP, PE, HDEP, LDPE, PET and PAP. The target recipients of our company are thriving recyclers from Poland and abroad.


What we offer?

We offer our future customers a full package of services in the field of packaging waste management made of plastics, hard plastics and waste paper. When signing a cooperation agreement with our company, we provide:

  • informing about any changes in the law on environmental protection,
  • assistance in keeping statutory waste documentation (KEO, KPO),
  • power of attorney for producers and those introducing packaging to the market (or exporting them) in the scope of fulfilling the recycling obligation (DPR and DPO),
  • advising on the selection of the most advantageous Recovery Organization for a given company, aimed at preparing annual reports on the above-mentioned product fee.
  • training in the segregation of own waste,
  • collection by own transport of waste,
  • ervices of destruction of accounting and other documentation with protocol confirmation.

In our offer of recycling products you will find:

  • colorless and colored HDPE films,
  • agricultural films,
  • PP bags,
  • Big Bags,
  • PP hard plastics,
  • soft PE materials,
  • PET bottles,
  • bottles of household chemicals,
  • strong waste paper,
  • mixed waste paper,
  • PE/PP straps/bands